How to Use this Program

Welcome to Practical Home Defense!

Hopefully you're excited to jump right in! Before you do, however, take a couple minutes to learn how to get the most value from the program. 

Midwest Gun Safety's motto is "Practical Training for a Safer Life." This program is our way of helping you achieve a Safer Life at home.

Sometimes we call Practical Home Defense a "book" and sometimes we call it a "program." The difference is whether we're talking about the content itself or the results we hope you'll achieve through practical application.

Just by reading the chapters of the "book," you'll learn more than enough to get your money's worth. However, if you embrace Practical Home Defense as a "program" that includes practical application, you can unlock value that exceeds 10x, 100x, or even 1000x the purchase price! You can achieve peace-of-mind and a potentially life-saving outcome in the event of an emergency. This is our hope for you, and why we created this program.

Three things to do after reading the material:

  1. Apply the security concepts to your specific home environment.
  2. Obtain an appropriate firearm and become trained in its safe use.
  3. Develop an action plan to respond to emergencies.

That's it. Do these three things and you'll get tremendous value from Practical Home Defense.

Reading the Book

For efficient reading, the material is tightly written. There aren't any tangents, bloated anecdotes, or fluff. You should expect to get through the information in about 2 hours.

The Practical Home Defense content is arranged in a sequence of chapters to make it easy to refer back to specific topics.

Putting the Plan into Practice

The last chapter in the book, Chapter 9, contains a to-do list to apply the material. Don't worry too much about practical application now. Just read the content and by the time you get to Chapter 9, you'll be ready to implement it.

To help with aspects of the program relating to firearms, Midwest Gun Safety has created the Skilled Shooter Program to teach you to shoot and help you select the right gun to buy. As you read about firearms and defensive shooting, know that the practical application of this material is covered in the Skilled Shooter Program, which is only a click away.

Ready to get started? Click forward to Chapter 1.