Emergency Communication Guide

This guide will help you communicate with 911 and Law Enforcement in the event of an emergency.

Print this page, fill it out, and keep a copy in each Safe Room.

911 Reference

My Address Is ______________________________

I am calling to report a life-threatening emergency in progress. I need police officers and an ambulance dispatched to my location immediately.

Describe the emergency

  • Your name
  • Did someone break in or attempt to break in?
  • Where are they now?
  • Did you see them? Can you describe them?
  • What family members or other individuals are in your home?
  • What are their names and general descriptions?
    • First name, age, gender, clothing / physical description.
  • Where are they located? (bedroom, basement, etc.)
    • Is anyone armed?
    • Did you fire your gun in self-defense?
    • Is anyone injured? What is the extent of their injuries?

    Remember to stay on the line. The 911 operator will be your communication link with responding officers.

    Attorney Contact Info

    At your earliest opportunity, call your attorney and get them on-scene.

    In the space below, write your attorney's name, phone numbers (office and mobile), and/or self-defense insurance company phone number and policy / membership number.





    Communicating with Investigating Officers

    What to say:

    • Point out physical evidence of the crime that was attempted against you.
    • Where did the criminal forcibly enter your home?
    • What weapons were used by the attacker?
    • What injuries did you or family members sustain?

    What not to say:

    Your memory of the event is unreliable at this time. Do not attempt to give a detailed account of the event. Stay focused on pointing out the physical evidence of the crime that was attempted or committed against you.

    If questioned about the details of what happened or your specific actions, tell the investigating officers that you are willing to answer their questions and cooperate fully once you have a chance to recover from the event and your attorney is present.

    If you are put into handcuffs and advised of your Miranda rights, remain silent until your attorney is present.